Five Sexy Sluts Do It For The Money

Five Sexy Sluts Do It For The Money
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Posted By: Horny Greg

Posted: 1/5/2015 7:59:06 PM

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     Yeah yeah yeah, I know, I'm really fucking late with this update. Stop yelling at me, my head still hurts and my stomach is still upset from all the excessive eating, drinking and fapping I've been doing these holidays. But I'm back, ya hear, and I've got five horny little sex puppets to make up for the downtime.

One of my new year's resolutions was to spend less money on shit I don't really need (fuck you, I DO need the brand new mechanical keyboard with magnificently loud blue switches I just bought for myself) because these past few years I've been finding myself broke as fuck more than I care to admit. A little bit of extra cash always comes in handy and I guess that's what the chicas down below were also thinking, as they sucked cock on camera for some spending money. And who can blame them? Shit's expensive, even if you're a hot chick with amazing tits and a tasty ass and you better believe that I'd gladly fuck some chicks I just met on the beach if they're offering to pay for a set of fancy blank replacement keys for my new keyboard.

So what else is there to say except for get your ass over to the galleries below oh and these ones too!) and start jacking it in the new year? Uh, nothing I suppose. We're all just here for the porn and I just handed it to you guys, so enjoy the titties and enjoy the rest of 2015! Let's hope this year's resolutions will stick for a little bit longer than they usually do. And let's hope that this year will finally be the year of internet porn! Oh wait, actually every year since the internet came into being has been the year of internet porn so whatever, let's just stick to this cesspool of dirty online porn we all call home and have a good one! Peace out, bros!

Charlie Fletcher
Bailey Bae
Gianna Nichole
I have no words..
Bibi Miami

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