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GF Revenge

By On 03/30/2010

GF Revenge Has some random girl that you would do anything for put your nuts in a vice and crushed them with the fury of a thousand exploding suns? And then slept with your best friend? Well it's time to cunt punt that bitch back into the kitchen and make a little money while you're doing it! It's time for REVENGE!

MILFs in Heat

By On 03/25/2010

MILFs in Heat There's a very few people that I wouldn't fuck. I think for most guys, and the right amount of alcohol, that pretty much holds true. But does that translate into there's a very few people that I wouldn't jerk off too? Well, for me it does. ( is that a bad intro for a porn site? )

Teens still like it big

By On 03/22/2010

Teens still like it big I don't know if these teens are getting younger or if I'm just getting older. Probably the latter of the two, but I guess that ain't a bad thing. I just need fresh new ways to not creep them out in the mall when I'm following them around.

Money Talks

By On 03/18/2010

Money Talks Is it better if women are the pimps? Or the madams as it were.. What if a girl offers another girl money just to see her suck the guy off? What would you call that? I have no idea either, but these guys have built a whole website around it, and it's pretty much the best thing I've seen this month.

Rookie Swingers Update

By On 03/13/2010

Rookie Swingers Update Just a little site update for a little two on two action. As far of the 'theme' of the site goes, it's up to you if you want to buy into it or not. But, as far as the women on the site go, every guy is buying into that shit..

MILFs in America

By On 03/10/2010

MILFs in America Now we all know that there's porn sites like Bang Bros that are pretty much in one category. You know if you go there, you know exactly what you're going to get, some big brown ass. But, do you know what you're going to get when you go to Naughty America? Hit the link to find out what you're in for.

Pure 18

By On 03/08/2010

Pure 18 They've been putting out so much 18 year old pussy lately, they've got them swinging from the rafters. ( check out the post if you don't believe me ) Which is pretty much the whole reason that I've been hanging out on this site over the past weekend. Way too much to catch up on in one post, so this is just to get you started. You're going to have to head over there for the rest!

BackSeat Bangers

By On 03/03/2010

BackSeat Bangers Today we're looking at BackSeat Bangers, a site that has sex at 55 miles per hour. Where I live, there was a thing that we called 'WoW' or Whip it out Wednesday, where girls would flash guys on the highway. I almost died one day because of it. Imagine when you have a girl with her ankles behind her head in the car next to you?! I don't know how they still have car insurance.

Naughty Web Cams!

By On 03/01/2010

Naughty Web Cams! Do you like your porn stars live on the other side of the camera? Personally, I think it's a little bit better. Especially when the star is taking 'special requests' from the crowd. When you can type, 'I love those tits' and she sticks them right in the camera for you, it just makes my day.

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