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MILF Next Door

By On 07/27/2010

MILF Next Door So, what's better for you? Are you more of a lesbian fan or a meat and potatoes porn fan? Well, this site is kind of moving towards one and away from the other. I don't know if that's a good thing, but I like it!

Cheerleaders For Sex

By On 07/23/2010

Cheerleaders For Sex Does it really matter what the girl is dressed up like? I think, sometimes yes. Like when a woman is dressed in a really sharp business suit.. especially a teen.. I love it. So, for all you guys that love their girls in cheerleader outfits, this one's for you.

In The VIP

By On 07/15/2010

In The VIP It turns out there IS sex in the champagne room, as long as there cameras there to film it! ( and you're paying all the girls to appear in a porn movie ) I've also noticed that they've been letting special guests in! I wonder who's ass I would have to kiss ( literally ) to get in there??

MILF Hunter

By On 07/07/2010

MILF Hunter Are MILFs just rated higher on your scale than other women? Do they just score higher on the fuckability scale? Would you fuck a grenade just because she's a MILF? Do you walk around the grocery store like some guys walk around a singles club? Do you know right when school ends so you can run out the back door of whatever house you're in on time? Than this post is for you!

First Time Auditions

By On 07/03/2010

First Time Auditions How was your first time? I'm willing to bet that it was nothing like this! ( unless you got double dicked by a couple of doods ) Well these girl's first times, on camera at least, will have a no holds barred feel to it! Including the famous double dip up-side-down chicken wing!

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