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MILF Hunter

By On 09/26/2012

MILF Hunter They say that the modern hunter's new hunting grounds are his local grocery store. It looks like that would explain where he's gotten all these roast beef sandwiches.

Mommy Got Boobs

By On 09/19/2012

Mommy Got Boobs All kinds of boobs in the world. They live a long and hard lives and they all end up somewhere around the knee. It's our jobs as men to document their lives. This is just one stop on the trail.

Black GFs

By On 09/13/2012

Black GFs The easiest girlfriend to have, is no girlfriend at all. Unless if you want to have sex.. or see a movie with someone, or not eat alone, or anything like that. If you want something in-between, there's always internet porn!

Naughty Athletics

By On 09/08/2012

Naughty Athletics Nothing like a day out having fun in the sun. Sports is one of the best ways to get out there and score a few points. I don't know if this is the original way to score those points, but it's definitely a better one.

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